Villa Walter Fontana
a story of passion for wine


In love with Valtellina

The history of Villa Walter Fontana has been deeply linked to the Valtellinese territory and its vineyards for over 60 years.

In fact, as early as the middle of the last century, Walter Fontana assiduously frequented Valtellina’s cellars during his numerous stays in…

Luci nel bosco


Valtellina is an alpine valley of glacial origin considered the most important mountain viticulture area in Italy.

Nestled between the Rhaetian and Orobie Alps, the valley follows the course of the Adda river and stretches for over 100km from Lake Como to

Heroic Viticulture

With its vineyards climbing up to the sky, mountain viticulture is unique, viable only with great passion and by hand through a workload four times higher than the one
Sustainability, Patience, Tradition
Our 3 fundamental principles make our wine distinctive, tasteful and UNIQUE!


Valtellina wine production has always been characterized by its own unmistakable identity which, following the institution of the italian law on the protection of the denomination of wines, was originally recognized in 1968 as DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin) for the variety…

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