Viti, Montange and Viticulture

With its vineyards climbing up to the sky, mountain viticulture is unique, viable only with great passion and by hand through a workload four times higher than the one needed to cultivate the vine in the hills, a task well summarized by the term Heroic Viticulture.

Orographic conditions

Due to its orographic conditions, which create impediments to mechanization, Valtellina is in fact rightfully among the territories protected by CERVIM (Center for Research, Studies, Safeguard, Coordination and Enhancement for Mountain Viticulture), an international body born with the specific assignement of promoting and safeguarding heroic viticulture.


The vineyards cultivated on terraces

The vineyards cultivated on small terraces built on steep slopes present important challenges as the difficult accessibility makes the care of the vine and the harvest complex, so much so that it is sometimes carried out with the help of helicopters to transport to the bottom of the valley the grapes harvested on the terraces, an additional effort largely repaid by the quality of the production.